Verified Commit 4044a407 authored by Kevin Cristiano's avatar Kevin Cristiano 🌎

PRE-RELEASE PATCH Fix path derivation when CMS is rooted in a subdir


CiviCRM is deployed inside a CMS. The CMS is usually deployed at the HTTP root (``),
but it is sometimes deployed in a subdirectory (``).

Some asset URLs are computed using the variables `[civicrm.bower]`, `[civicrm.packages]`, and `[civicrm.vendor]`, which
are derived from the value of `[civicrm.root]`.  However, if the site is deployed in a subdirectory, and if using v5.23,
then the computation of `[civicrm.bower]` (etc) can misbehave.


When the URL for `[civicrm.bower]` (or similar) is derived, it goes through multiple filters - first, from absolute to
relative, and then later from relative back to absolute.  In the process, the base is inadvertently changed.


When the URL is derived, it is computed in absolute format - and simply kept that way.


Regarding test coverage, there are two relevant unit-tests. This PR only updates one.

* `E2E\Core\PathUrlTest`: This is a more concrete smoke test which demonstrates functional problems with variables like
  `[civicrm.bower]`.  It should already catch problems like dev/joomla#26...  but only if you run the E2E suite on a system
  where the CMS was deployed to a subdirectory.  `civibuild` doesn't currently include such a build-type.
* `Civi\Core\PathsTest`: This is a more abstract, headless test to examine edge-cases in `Civi\Core\Paths`. It does not
  specifically check for `[civicrm.bower]` or similar variables (b/c the URL routing is ill-defined in a headless context).
  However, I've updated it to compare/contrast the working and non-working ways to derive variables.  @totten
parent af756db8
......@@ -38,19 +38,19 @@ class Paths {
->register('civicrm.packages', function () {
return [
'path' => \Civi::paths()->getPath('[civicrm.root]/packages/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/packages/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/packages/', 'absolute'),
->register('civicrm.vendor', function () {
return [
'path' => \Civi::paths()->getPath('[civicrm.root]/vendor/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/vendor/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/vendor/', 'absolute'),
->register('civicrm.bower', function () {
return [
'path' => \Civi::paths()->getPath('[civicrm.root]/bower_components/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/bower_components/'),
'url' => \Civi::paths()->getUrl('[civicrm.root]/bower_components/', 'absolute'),
->register('civicrm.files', function () {
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