Commit ad2e3935 authored by Jamie McClelland's avatar Jamie McClelland

adding templates directory

This means we have to maintain the petition.tpl file which is a pain
during upgrades (if it changes). On the other hand, we just have to
insert the include line. This method makes it much easier to track
changes to the appearance of the fields.
parent d78a8782
| CiviCRM version 4.4 |
| Copyright CiviCRM LLC (c) 2004-2013 |
| This file is a part of CiviCRM. |
| |
| CiviCRM is free software; you can copy, modify, and distribute it |
| under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License |
| Version 3, 19 November 2007 and the CiviCRM Licensing Exception. |
| |
| CiviCRM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but |
| WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of |
| See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details. |
| |
| You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public |
| License and the CiviCRM Licensing Exception along |
| with this program; if not, contact CiviCRM LLC |
| at info[AT]civicrm[DOT]org. If you have questions about the |
| GNU Affero General Public License or the licensing of CiviCRM, |
| see the CiviCRM license FAQ at |
<div class="crm-block crm-form-block crm-campaign-survey-form-block">
<div class="crm-submit-buttons">{include file="CRM/common/formButtons.tpl" location="top"}</div>
{if $action eq 8}
<table class="form-layout">
<td colspan="2">
<div class="status">
<div class="icon inform-icon"></div>
&nbsp;{ts}Are you sure you want to delete this Petition?{/ts}</div>
{if $action eq 1}
<div id="help">
{ts}Use this form to Add new Survey. You can create a new Activity type, specific to this Survey or select an existing activity type for this Survey.{/ts}
<table class="form-layout">
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-title">
<td class="label">{$form.title.label}</td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-instructions">
<td class="label">{$form.instructions.label}</td>
<td class="view-value">{$form.instructions.html}
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-campaign_id">
<td class="label">{$form.campaign_id.label}</td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-activity_type_id">
<td class="label">{$form.activity_type_id.label}</td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-profile_id">
<td class="label">{$form.contact_profile_id.label}</td>
<td>{$form.contact_profile_id.html}&nbsp;<span class="profile-links"></span>
<div class="description">{ts}Fields about the contact you want to collect.{/ts}</div>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-profile_id">
<td class="label">{$form.profile_id.label}</td>
<td>{$form.profile_id.html}&nbsp;<span class="profile-links"></span>
<div class="description">{ts}Fields about the petition.{/ts}</div>
<div class="profile-create">
<a href="{crmURL p='civicrm/admin/uf/group/add' q='reset=1&action=add'}"
target="_blank">{ts}Click here for new profile{/ts}
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-thankyou_title">
class="label">{$form.thankyou_title.label}{if $action == 2}{include file='CRM/Core/I18n/Dialog.tpl' table='civicrm_contribution_page' field='thankyou_title' id=$contributionPageID}{/if}</td>
<div class="description">{ts}This title will be displayed at the top of the thank-you page.{/ts}</div>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-thankyou_text">
class="label">{$form.thankyou_text.label}{if $action == 2}{include file='CRM/Core/I18n/Dialog.tpl' table='civicrm_contribution_page' field='thankyou_text' id=$contributionPageID}{/if}</td>
class="description">{ts}Enter text (and optional HTML layout tags) for the thank-you message that will appear at the top of the thank-you page.{/ts}</div>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-bypass_confirm">
<td class="label">{$form.bypass_confirm.label}</td>
<div class="description">{ts}Disable the email confirmation for unverified contacts?{/ts}</div>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-is_share">
<td class="label">{$form.is_share.label}</td>
{include file="CRM/Campaign/Form/Petitionemail.tpl"}
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-is_active">
<td class="label">{$form.is_active.label}</td>
<div class="description">{ts}Is this petition active?{/ts}</div>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-is_default">
<td class="label">{$form.is_default.label}</td>
<div class="description">{ts}Is this the default petition?{/ts}</div>
<div class="crm-submit-buttons">{include file="CRM/common/formButtons.tpl" location="bottom"}</div>
{*include profile link function*}
{include file="CRM/common/buildProfileLink.tpl"}
<script type="text/javascript">
//show edit profile field links
cj(function () {
// show edit for both contact and activity profile
cj('select[id$="profile_id"]').change(function () {
buildLinks(cj(this), cj(this).val());
// make sure we set edit links for both profiles when form loads
cj('select[id$="profile_id"]').each(function (e) {
buildLinks(cj(this), cj(this).val());
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-email_petition">
<td class="label">{$form.email_petition.label}</td>
<td class="view-value">{$form.email_petition.html}
<div class="description">{ts}Should signatures generate an email to the petition's target?.{/ts}</div></td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-recipient_options">
<td class="label">Recipient Options</td>
<td class="view-value">
<div class="petitionemail-recipient-options">
<div class="petition-email-recipient-option-description">{ts}You must specify who will receive a copy of the petition using at least one of the methods below. You may also use both methods if you would like one set of recipients to receive all petitions signed and another set of recipients to be chosen dynamically.{/ts}</div>
<h3 class="petition-email-header">Dynamic Method</h3>
<div class="petition-email-recipient-option-description">The dynamic method allows you to choose different petition recipients depending on who is filling out the petition. To use the dynamic method, you must first put your targets into a group. Then specify the group below, and the fields that must match between the person filling out the petition and the target contact.</div>
<div class="label">{$form.group_id.label}</div>
<div class="view-value">{$form.group_id.html}</div>
<div class="description">{ts}Select the group containing the contacts that you want to receive the petition.{/ts}</div>
<div class="label">{$form.matching_fields.label}</div>
<div class="view-value">{$form.matching_fields.html}</div>
<div class="description">{ts}If the user and the target have the same value for this field, then the user's petition will be sent to the matching target.{/ts}</div>
<div class="label">{$form.location_type_id.label}</div>
<div class="view-value">{$form.location_type_id.html}</div>
<div class="description">{ts}A target contact can have more than one email address. Choose the email location that should be used when sending the petition{/ts}</div>
<h3 class="petition-email-header">Static Method</h3>
<div class="label">{$form.recipients.label}</div>
<div class="view-value">{$form.recipients.html}</div>
<div class="description">{ts}Enter additional targets that receive copies of all petitions in the form: 'First name Last name' &lt;;. Separate multiple recipients with line breaks.{/ts}</div></td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-user_message">
<td class="label">{$form.user_message.label}</td>
<td class="view-value">{$form.user_message.html}
<div class="description">{ts}Select a field that will have the signer's custom message. Make sure it is included in the Activity Profile you selected.{/ts}</div></td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-default_message">
<td class="label">{$form.default_message.label}</td>
<td class="view-value">{$form.default_message.html}
<div class="description">{ts}Enter the default message to be included in the email.{/ts}</div></td>
<tr class="crm-campaign-survey-form-block-subject">
<td class="label">{$form.subject.label}</td>
<td class="view-value">{$form.subject.html}
<div class="description">{ts}Enter the subject line that should appear in the target email.{/ts}</div></td>
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