Commit 47c9e430 authored by Jamie McClelland's avatar Jamie McClelland
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adding required asterisk for subject and message fields.

parent 5b73b3cd
......@@ -230,14 +230,21 @@ function petitionemail_civicrm_buildForm( $formName, &$form ) {
$form->add('select', 'matching_field' . $i, ts('Matching field(s)'), $field_options);
// We can't make default message and default subject required,
// otherwise users will get an error if they submit a petition
// that doesn't want to send an email to the target. So we have
// our own custom validation checking that only complains if
// the user wants to send an email and we have to insert the
// asterisk ourselves, manually.
$required = ' <span title="This field is required." class="crm-marker">*</span>';
$form->add('select', 'location_type_id', ts('Email'), $location_options);
$form->add('textarea', 'recipients', ts("Send petitions to"), 'rows=20 cols=100');
$form->add('select', 'message_field', ts('Custom Message Field'),
$form->add('select', 'subject_field', ts('Custom Subject Field'),
$form->add('textarea', 'default_message', ts('Default Message'), 'rows=20 cols=100');
$form->add('text', 'subject', ts('Default Email Subject Line'), array('size' => 70));
$form->add('textarea', 'default_message', ts('Default Message') . $required, 'rows=20 cols=100');
$form->add('text', 'subject', ts('Default Email Subject Line') . $required, array('size' => 70));
$form->add('textarea', 'links', ts('Links to sign the petition'), 'rows=5')->freeze();
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