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Provides a "Call Next" Dashlet for the CiviCRM Dashboard and a Call Next Log Block for the Contact Layout Editor.
<img src="images/screenshot.png" alt="Screenshot" width="496"/>
The extension is licensed under [GPL-3.0](LICENSE.txt).
......@@ -42,6 +42,10 @@ This Extension auto-creates a custom Activity Status called "Awaiting Response"
This Extension also provides a "Log Call" Block for the Contact Layout Editor, so when the link to the Contact in the Dashlet is clicked, this Block can be used to provide information about the outcome of the call.
<img src="images/block-closed.png" alt="Screenshot" width="612"/>
<img src="images/block-open.png" alt="Screenshot" width="605"/>
## Known Issues
None at present - but if you find one, please open an issue.
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